Our History

Red Glove Our History Anthony Bineyard
Red Glove Computer & Web Services, LLC was founded by Anthony Albert Bineyard, Sr in 2008. The name Red Glove comes from Anthony’s history; his grandfather, Norman Lee Bineyard, Sr to be exact. Norman was born with red hair, and as a result¬†gained the nickname “Red” by his peers. He was also a heavyweight boxer out of Wheeling, West Virginia, so he was accustomed to raising his fists in order to protect himself.

Throughout Red’s life, he experienced many hardships as a Black man in the South, and even in New York. However, he was determined to raise his family on three concepts; love, education, and integrity. Passed down the generation, Anthony envisioned creating a company dedicated to doing just that. Putting love into every action, always educating himself and others for a better tomorrow, and presenting himself and his company with endless integrity; determined to make sure the history of hardships that came before him would not repeat itself.

Over the years, Red Glove has provided services to many individuals and businesses alike. This includes designing websites for top-tiered lawyers, to showing a grandmother how to properly download, organize, and share her photos with her family. We have also worked with real estate agents, singers, mechanics, and churches!

At Red Glove, we make it known that our services go above and beyond just computer repair and website design. We offer friendly, yet professional environments, customer-paced experiences, and ultimately peace of mind!

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