Scope of Services

Below are a few of the other types of services we offer at Red Glove Computer & Web Services, LLC.

Virus / Malicious Software Clean-Up

Nowadays, there are some pretty good free (and commercial) applications that catch viruses, malware, spyware, adware, etc. However, mistakes do happen and sometimes a sneaky one gets through. Our employees are trained to find those sneaky invaders, remove them from the machine, and make sure that one and others don’t make it back in.

Home / Office Network

Whether you have a big family with multiple devices, or you’re a new business looking to sustain a reliable office network, Red Glove is able to setup and secure your network. From wired to wireless access, you will have full connectivity at your location.

Configure Wi-Fi

Most routers come ready to go, secured with a generic password. However, all other settings are normally set to their default settings. Red Glove will review your wireless settings with you and help you configure it for your specific needs/wants.

Setup Shared Drives

It can become a pain to rely on a USB drive to transfer files between multiple computers at your location. Red Glove can provide multiple options in setting up secured shared drives so users with multiple computers and/or devices can access their files from anywhere at that location.

Hardware Upgrades

If you’re like us, you always want to have the latest and the greatest! However, sometimes the budget doesn’t allow for it. Well, there are ways to upgrade your experience without emptying your pocket. Red Glove can help you with things like expanding your hard drive space, increasing your memory, or even adding multiple monitors to your system.

Vendor / Service Provider Mediation

Red Glove may not provide certain software or hardware for your specific needs, but we do provide services to help you use those things. Sometimes you may be experiencing issues with certain items and you’re not getting any leeway from the manufacturers or businesses that provided them to you. Red Glove can act as a mediator to help you understand and resolve those issues.